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2024 Schedule

Please contact our front desk, check social media or check our newsletter for cancelled classes. 

Fitness among friends.

Brevard Health & Racquet Club is pleased to offer a wide array of classes for all levels of activity and interest. 

Our classes are designed to keep participants engaged in fun encouraging environments and our instructors are a blast!

W.O.D. - Instructor - Hannah

W.O.D.= Workout Of the Day. 30 minute High Intensity Interval Training Class led by Hannah outside in the parking lot or indoors. You can expect a mixture of functional strength and cardio with a variety of formats like TABATA, AMRAP, Circuit training and much more! There is a facebook group you can join to know where we meet and what the workout will consist of on a weekly basis. 

GRIT – Instructor – Noteca

Les Mills GRIT is a 30-minute high-intensity interval training (HIIT) workout, designed to improve strength and build lean muscle. This workout uses barbell, weight plate and body weight exercises to blast all major muscle groups

Mobility and Stretch - Instructor - Hannah

 An hour long class focusing on joint mobility, joint stability, dynamic stretching, and finishing with a relaxing static stretching time on your mat. We may include foam rollers or other helpful props as we go through class. Come ready to have fun, relax, and learn how to move WELL! 

Body Combat - Instructors - Phil, Kathy & Aubrey

Body Combat is an empowering cardio workout where you use a wide array of martial arts. It is a 55min workout that welcomes any level. Core - Instructor - Anne Marie

Emphasis on strengthening and defining the mid-section and additional muscle groups are occasionally incorporated. 30min class and all levels welcome. 

Barre & Sculpt - Instructor - Sareet

A blend of core conditioning elements from mat work Plates along with other stretch and strengthening exercises. You will also focus on elongation, flexibility, strength, posture, breathing & mind and body. All ages and levels are welcome.

Water Yoga - Instructor - Sally

The only one of its kind in Western NC and combines yoga movement with the buoyancy of salt water which lessens the stress on the body. It’s great for strengthening and stretching. All ages and levels of experience are welcome to come practice for guidance along your unique path. Everyone who is drawn to yoga is seeking something from within. It is right under the surface waiting to be discovered; you may just need someone to help you find the way. You won’t be disappointed!

Yogalates - Instructor - Sareet 

 Yogalates is a mixture of Pilates and yoga. You will get a workout that increases core strength and improves posture, whilst increasing flexibility and reducing stiffness. The Pilates exercises are aimed at strengthening the core abdominal muscles, which support the spine and assist in good posture.

Spin - Instructor - Ben, Susan & Sareet

This is a calorie burning, leg strengthening and cardio workout. A 45min class focused on developing strength on the bike. Perfect training for the avid bike rider as well as someone just starting!

Zumba - Instructor – Danielle & Bridgette

 Zumba offers exotic rhythms set to high energy Latin music. Join in at any level from beginner to the person looking for a high impact high energy class. Come and join the party!

STRONG 30 - Instructor - Danielle 

 STRONG 30 is a total-body workout where every move is synced to the beat. This program was designed to help you burn fat, build lean muscle, and tone your abs, legs and glutes. Your journey to total-body transformation starts HERE!

Water Fitness (Mornings) - Instructor - Kay  & Heather

Each participant in shallow and deep FUNctional Water Fitness I and II has goals unique to them. My goals during these one-hour segments are for each class member to have a safe and overall body workout utilizing our best posture, working the opposing pairs of muscles for good muscle balance, achieving a good and safe range of motion. We add noodles and buoys and speed to intensify power and strength and cardio work. Water Aerobics--Where else can one have a water massage during a vigorous workout?! W

Water Fitness (Evenings) - Instructor - Heather

 Working out in Water is the best overall fitness program for whole body strength, cardio, and endurance without killing your joints! Most lifelong athletes with injuries end up in water fitness classes because they think it is easy and are shocked by how difficult the workout is. And even more shocked when they can’t keep up! I teach deep water fitness. Think about it as treading water doing multiple exercises for 45 min.

Tai Chi/Chi Gong - Instructor - Chris 

 Tai chi is a practice that involves a series of slow gentle movements and physical postures, a meditative state of mind, and controlled breathing

Chair Aerobics - Instructor - Michelle

 Chair Aerobics is a low impact, inclusive exercise class designed for individuals looking for a safe, adaptable workout. Ideal for seniors and those with limited mobility.

Group Fitness at BHRC 
Group Fitness
Group Fitness