Personal Training

Not seeing the results you want, or not sure how to get those results?

Personal trainers are available to assist you with an individualized work out and provide the motivation/education you need to reach your fitness goals. 


Jodi Thomas

or call 609-224-7866 for more information.

Hannah Spear

or call 919-937-4367 for more information. 

Michelle Porter

or call 727-851-3860 for more information. 

Partner/Small Group Training

Want to work out with a partner and get customized workouts? Can’t find the class type or time that fits your needs? Try partner/small group training. Split the cost and have a trainer for you and 1-3 of your friends. You choose the trainer and decide what time works best for you and your friends to workout. Along with the training, your trainer can give offer you tips in exercise basics, healthy eating and more!

Contact any of our trainers for more information!