Summer Swim Lessons

Below are descriptions of swim lessons that we typically offer.  Private lessons are available year round.   For questions, registration and more information, please reach out to our Aquatics Director, Cassie Smatana.  

Email Cassie Smatana


Children 3 and under learn to feel safe and comfortable in the water and teaching the hands-on person how to help with developing a safe swimmer.

Level I - Intro to Water Skills 

For Children 4+ – helps with comfort and how to enjoy the water safely.

Level II - Fundamental Skills

Gives participants success with basic swimming skills and water safety.

Level III - Stroke Development

Builds on fundamental skills through additional guided practice in deeper water.

Level IV - Stroke Improvement

Develops confidence in all strokes and improves distance ability.

Level V - Stroke Refinement

Provides further coordination and improvement of advanced strokes. Builds endurance and control, while learning the fundamentals of diving.

Level VI - Skill Proficiency

Continues enhancing strokes and prepares students for more advanced opportunities such as Lifeguarding, Water Safety Instruction and Swim Team.


All levels for 13 and up. Designed to meet the needs of each individual to improve skills, endurance or comfort no matter the age or ability level. (Private lessons only.)